Shadowbox Stories Development Videos

Improved Attack and Movements

Player House Interior

Split Screen and FX

Music Intro Video

New Free Game in-Development: Poni Village

Play Poni Village on NewGrounds here:

Play Poni Village on Newgrounds

Play Poni Village Development Version on Game Ducky

Poni Village Features:

Customizeable Ponies
-5 Different Mane Styles
-Customize Hair, Body and Eye Colors of selected pony
-Control Selected Pony
-Deselected Ponies roam the map
-Support for touch controls on tablets and phones
-Click to select ponies and toggle buttons
-Once a pony is selected use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
-Click the Gear by the Poni head to customize that poni
-Click the X by the Poni head to release the poni back to AI mode

New Host, New Website

I changed web hosts and have completely redesigned the Game Ducky website over the past week. I intend to make regular updates on the progress on my most ambitious game: Shadowbox Tales.

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